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We’d go without the awkward harnesses, but even at more than £85,000, the GT4 seems fine value for money. The chassis is phenomenally good, and the braking, gearshift and steering are also all out of the highest drawer. For a similarly engaging mid-engined experience on track, you need to look to the likes of the McLaren 600LT[1] and Ferrari 488 Pista[2]. Best of all is that the production run will go on until 2022, with Porsche aiming to satisfy all orders and put an end to rampant speculation.

But here are the caveats. Firstly, we’re yet to drive this car on the road, where it’s gearing may well prove too long and the chassis too good even for this potent new engine. In the world of trackday Porsches, if the GT2 RS[3] is the one whose chassis (and, frankly, everything else) is dominated by its engine, and the GT3 is the one where the entire show is in perfect harmony, the GT4 feels as though it needs a fraction more power to unlock its ultimate potential as a thrilling road and track car. That might happen in the form of a GT4 RS, but most likely it won’t. An Alpine A110[4] could yet be the more engaging car on the road, and at little over half the price of the Porsche.

The engine also lacks some of the soul of the old 3.8-litre six, which was really only a powerkitted Carrera S engine. There’s less induction roar, and with new particulate filters and noise regulations to meet, less of the gnashing exhaust blare, and so the GT4 has lost its renegade attitude. In fact across the board it feels less raw but is undoubtedly a more competent, quicker and clinical machine. What appeals more is going to come down to personal preference.

But ultimately, there’s nothing to match this level of precision, balance and feel at this price point, and little beyond it in terms of pure behind-the-wheel appeal. And I’ll say it again: this chassis is nothing short of sensational. It’s simply joyful on a charge. Once we’ve driven the Cayman GT4 on the road, the full five stars beckon.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 specification

Where Knockhill Circuit, Scotland Price £75,348 On sale Now Engine Flat-six, 3995cc, petrol Power 414bhp at 7600rpm Torque 310lb ft at 5000-6800rpm Gearbox Six-speed manual Kerb weight 1420kg Top speed 188mph 0-62mph 4.4sec Fuel economy 25.7mpg CO2 249g/km Rivals Alpine A110S, Lotus Exige 410 Sport


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