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UNDERCOVER HONEYMOON[1],” by Kari Iroz, Covenant Communications[2], $16.99, 295 pages (f)

Crime-solving duo Jacklyn “Jack” and FBI agent Damon are finally getting married in “Undercover Honeymoon.” That is, if Jack can locate her lost wedding dress, brave her mother’s bridal shower and survive her wedding diet. At the end of the festivities, her honeymoon beckons: a luxurious Caribbean cruise with a 24-hour sundae bar.

Despite various mishaps, Jack and Damon’s wedding day goes smoothly, and they arrive at the SS Siren Dream. However, even the 24-hour sundae bar can’t keep Jack from noticing Damon is in agent mode. When she catches Damon wrestling a member of the crew, the truth comes out: their honeymoon is doubling as an undercover FBI mission to track down a smuggling ring. As Jack and Damon investigate, they discover the plot is bigger — and deadlier — than any of them thought.

Comment on this story[3]

“Undercover Honeymoon” is the third installment of a series, following “A Date With Danger”[4] and “Mormon Girl: Incognito[5].” While readers of the previous two books will be more familiar with Jack and Damon’s relationship history, “Undercover Honeymoon,” stands fairly well on its own. The book could have benefited from additional editing, though — the wedding festivities take up almost a third of the book. The pacing of the plot suffers as a result, and the excessive attention to detail makes the first half of the book read like fan fiction. Once Jack discovers Damon’s investigation, the pacing improves.

Jack, Damon and their families are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as is Kari Iroz, the author.

“Undercover Honeymoon” contains several scenes of generally described action violence including use of guns and hand-to-hand combat. Some of the villains are killed by an antihero character, and the protagonists injure other villains. Oblique references are made to sex. There is no profanity.


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