Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller 140ml

Roundup Optima+ Weed killer is ideal for really large areas, 140 ml covers up to 210 m2. This concentrate multi-purpose weed killer is for use on unwanted vegetation. Absorbed by the leaves, it moves throughout the entire plant, above and below ground. Destroys annual and deep rooted perennial weeds such as grasses, dandelions, docks, bindweed and thistles. It is inactivated immediately on contact with soil and is then broken down by soil micro-organisms to allow replanting. Use from February to November. Do not use on lawns or other wanted plants. Box Contains

  • 1 x 140 ml plastic bottle of Roundup liquid concentrate
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    • Super oncentrate formula killing weeds to the root
    • Ideal for treating large areas of weeds
    • Kills the roots so weeds don’t come back
    • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas (once dry)
    • Degraded in the soil by micro organisms
    • Coverage of 2100m2
    RRP: 10.79
    PRICE: 8.99
    SAVE: 1.80
    ASIN: B01BY4FFK0
    MODEL NUMBER: 116968

    Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller 140ml

    Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller 140mlRoundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller 140ml

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