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Nerf Modulus Mediator – Reduced

Nerf Modulus Mediator
Kids can build the mediator XL blaster with the NERF Modulus mediator series. The series includes a blaster core, barrel, and stock (each sold separately). the mediator core blaster fires 6 darts in a row with pump-action, clip-fed blasting. The clip loads into the side of the blaster and holds up to 6 Elite darts. Unleash all 6 darts rapidly with slam-fire action. The mediator blaster has attachments points for the mediator barrel and mediator stock, so Battlers can build the mediator XL blaster. Side and top tactical rails provide places to add NERF Modulus accessories for more customizing options. With the full NERF Modulus system, create over 1000 different combinations. (Barrel, stock, and other accessories each sold separately.) NERF and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Pump-action, clip-fed blaster
  • Slam-fire blasting
  • Part of the mediator series
  • Barrel and stock attachment points (barrel and stock each sold separately)
  • Tactical rails

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2 Responses to Nerf Modulus Mediator – Reduced

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    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Nerf Modulus Mediator (Toy)

    Awful! Second replacement faulty also…
    My son had saved his pocket money for this certainly nerf gun! It came and he was so excited! But literally after the second ‘shot’, it jammed! Leaving it completely unusable. Obviously a very upset little boy! Amazon customer service was great, can’t complain there, and we arranged a refund and so I bought a replacement off same seller (direct through amazon) well, received it yesterday, again an excited little man. First use, happened YET AGAIN! These arnt cheap toys and you can imagine how upset he was! I’ve given up now! I think someone needs to have a conversation with NERF about this product! Simply awful! And a very disappointed customer. From a regular customer of amazon.

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    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Nerf Modulus Mediator (Toy)

    Okay so it’s supposed to be 8+ but the magazine is really annoying in that it must be loaded precisely otherwise the foam rounds pop out and jam. To be fair the manual is clear but it’s hard enough as dad reading the manual never mind children! It’s a shame because used properly it is great with a good rate of fire using the pump action mechanism and holding the trigger down. Maybe three stars is harsh seeing as it is user error but other magazine Nerf guns haven’t had the same problem.

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