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MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer – Multifunction Mixer for Cooking & Baking – 3 Attachments: Eggbeater, Dough Hook & Stainless Steel Whisk – 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl – Top Reduction

MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer - Multifunction Mixer for Cooking & Baking - 3 Attachments: Eggbeater, Dough Hook & Stainless Steel Whisk - 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl
Tired of not having the time to prepare quality home-cooked meals for your family?

Who doesn’t want to provide their family with good home-cooked dishes, right? Unfortunately, in most cases, there’s just not enough time to prepare everything yourself. With all the things you have to attend to on a daily basis, spending extra time in the kitchen is just not an option.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could prepare quality meals for your family without having to spend significantly more time in the kitchen?

Cut your food prep time in half with the MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer!

Expertly engineered with an ultra-capable yet super quiet 800W motor (which can be pushed to 1,260W), our professional food stand mixer can quickly mix virtually any type of ingredient you can throw at it.

It also comes with three attachments-an eggbeater, a dough hook and a stainless steel whisk-so there’s really no limit to the type of dishes you can make. And, thanks to its large 5.5L stainless steel bowl, you can handle relatively bigger batches of ingredients with ease as well.

Clean up is also a breeze. It doesn’t matter how sticky or greasy the ingredients you use are, once you’re done, just throw the bowl and attachments in your dishwasher and you’re done!

Long story short, the MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer is designed to effectively help cut the time you spend in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up.

✅ Comes with a transparent cover to prevent splashes and spills
✅ Variable speed with 6 settings plus pulse
✅ Motor specs: 800 to 1,260W, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
✅ Ultra-quiet operation

Give yourself the gift of hassle-free mixing! Add the MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer to your cart NOW!

  • 🍮 LARGE 5.5 LITER CAPACITY – Forget running out of bowl space for your ingredients. Our stand mixer comes with a super large 5.5-liter stainless steel bowl, which also comes with graduation measurements and a handle for easy lifting and pouring.
  • 🍩 MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN – It doesn’t matter if you’re making cake, pastries or virtually any other type of dish you could think of, our standing mixing machine comes with all the attachments you need: an eggbeater, dough hook & stainless steel whisk.
  • 🍔 HASSLE-FREE CLEAN UP – Thick, hard-to-wash-off sticky ingredients? No problem! Just throw the bowl and the attachments you used in the dishwasher and you’re all set. No need to spend extra time cleaning everything by hand.
  • 🥨 MODERN, COMPACT & SLEEK DESIGN – Unlike other alternatives in the market today, our high-quality, ultra-durable food stand mixer is designed to fit perfectly in kitchens of all shapes and sizes, thanks to its super compact construction.
  • 🥐 TWO YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – Mix without worries! Each purchase of the MisterChef Professional Electric Kitchen 800W Food Stand Mixer comes with a full two year warranty. That’s how confident we are in our product’s quality and durability.

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