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Gaddrt Cherry Shape Toilet Brush, Toilet Bathroom Toilet Clean Tool Bathroom Supply Brush Red – Cut Price

Gaddrt Cherry Shape Toilet Brush, Toilet Bathroom Toilet Clean Tool Bathroom Supply Brush Red
❤❤ Features:
Design of cherry wood design curve handle.
Brush the toilet dirt easily.
Cleaning grooves, seams and corners are easy to clean.

❤❤ Description:
High quality and dense brush head cleaning more thoroughly, without injury to the ceramic surface, strong effective decontamination, antiseptic and odorization, unique shape
The fashion is simple, practical and beautiful, unique style, high quality ABS PP material durable
Bright candy color, add sunshine and vitality to the toilet, with the base design, more hygienic and convenient
Functional skid handle. Well suited to the physiological characteristics of human hands, memory grip habits, use more handy
Material: plastic
Color: Red,Blue
Size: 14 x 14 x 37cm

❤❤ Package includes:
1 x cherry toilet brush (random shipment of brush head)

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  • ❤❤ ize: 14 x 14 x 37cm
  • ❤❤ Cleaning grooves, seams and corners are easy to clean.
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