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Gaddrt STYLY Your SCARYS Luminous Skull Skeleton Body Scary, 35cm Haunted House Tricky Prop Halloween Toy – Price Deal

Gaddrt STYLY Your SCARYS Luminous Skull Skeleton Body Scary, 35cm Haunted House Tricky Prop Halloween Toy
❤❤ Descriptions:
100% brand new and high quality Best creative skeleton body for halloween, funny party decoration and so on Its legs and hands could move freely Need to be exposed to daylight, it will glow (green) in the dark
This Luminous Skeleton Body suitable for fancy dancers, party parties, birthday party, Halloween, carnival and other festivals, Cosplay
Spooky addition to any Halloween scene or decoration
Great for counting Perfect for Masquerade Parties, Gifts, Costume Parties
Ideal for adding a terrifying twist to trick or treating or for a full-blown Halloween fest, your mask will be a hair-raising hit at a costume party or carnival.
You can even add a neon blaze to a rave or disco.
Length: Approx.:35cm / 13.8inch
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Luminous color: Fluorescent green

❤❤ Package:
1 x 35cm Luminous Skull Skeleton Body Scary Halloween Toy Haunted House Tricky Prop Halloween Toy For Halloween  

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  • ❤❤ Length: Approx.:35cm / 13.8inch
  • ❤❤ You can even add a neon blaze to a rave or disco.
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