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AntsRus Lasius niger Queen with 5-10 workers starter pack – Price Special

AntsRus Lasius niger Queen with 5-10 workers starter pack
Lasius niger are a great starter ant species. We are a number 1 established brand for ants in the UK. We supply these amazing ants with protein shake (Special formula ) as well as a pipette to feed and water your colony and caresheet along with our amazing customer support. We believe ants are a great gift or personal buy as they are living creatures can teach us about life cycle and keeping a pet as well as making children and adults more aware and in closer contact with nature. We also offer free insurance for 2 weeks and gurantee live arrival of the Queen! Dead on arrivals or our 14 day gurantee is only valid if photographic evidence is provided.

  • Lasius niger queen with her first 5-10 workers (queens can live 10 plus years!)
  • Organic food with protein and carbohydrates for egg and brood development
  • Pipette for watering and feeding and Careguide emailed to you via amazon email
  • We gurantee free live arrival of your Queen and 14 days insurance of the Queen
  • We believe Ants are the perfect gift for friends and family and yourself and especially kids!!

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