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Wooden Toys Set, Wooden Tool Kit, Construction Building Toys, Children’s Puzzle Assembling Building Blocks for 3 Year Olds Boy and Girl – Reduced To Clear

Wooden Toys Set, Wooden Tool Kit, Construction Building Toys, Children's Puzzle Assembling Building Blocks for 3 Year Olds Boy and Girl
A good quality toy with good potential for free play

Includes wooden nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, child-size play hammer, wrench, and screwdriver.

Suitable for more children to play?

Designed for anyone aged 3 and up, this educational toy can be enjoyed by every child in the family.

Promotes hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting, colour recognition, and problem-solving skills.


It is strongly recommended that mothers play with their baby alongside their baby and continue to encourage them. The baby’s self-confidence is cultivated like this. While enhancing the feelings, it also prevents the baby from swallowing the small parts of the toy, reminding the baby not to throw the toys to each other, and not let the baby include the toy in the mouth. Inspire your baby’s love of life and give your baby a happy and happy childhood.

1. Children should be used under the supervision of parents.
2. Do not throw toys at each other.
3, Do not use quality problems.
4, Do not include toys in the mouth, beware of children devour small toys. Perfect after-sales service:

When you receive any dissatisfaction with the toy, you can email us at any time and you can return it unconditionally within 30 days.

  • ❤Include products:Includes a variety of different shaped pieces and nuts and bolts that can be assembled using the screw driver provided
  • ❤Changeable nut:The manual includes 10 model pictures such as assembled airplanes, sailing boats, and elephants
  • ❤Environmental materials:It is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints. All wooden toys by Toys of Wood Oxford are tested by the seller’s own or friends’ children
  • ❤Convenient to carry: Assembled toys are very convenient to carry. When traveling on weekends or holidays, you can remove all the screws and put them into a corner of the luggage
  • ❤Perfect after sale:Toys are strictly checked for quality. In the event of quality problems or dislikes, you can send an email to us at any time. We will refund or exchange goods unconditionally

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