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Bemis Chicago Toilet Seat – Whisper Grey – Recommended

Bemis Chicago Toilet Seat - Whisper Grey
Whisper grey coloured replacement toilet seats

  • ADJUSTABLE plastic hinges
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – made from responsibly sourced woods and water based paint. LUXURY look and feel. This seat is proudly manufactured in USA and assembled in GREAT BRITAIN.
  • Fits MAJORITY of manufacturers universal shaped ceramics
  • The Best Seat in the House®

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2 Responses to Bemis Chicago Toilet Seat – Whisper Grey – Recommended

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Bemis Chicago Toilet Seat – White (DIY & Tools)

    Just binned two other replacement seats from other sources as too fiddly/bad fit, despite having a standard oblong toilet.

    I was after a wooden seat (warm on the bum!) that was easy to fit: arthritus in the knees and wrists so kneeling, crawling to position seat, then tightening the fittings a bit of a mare.
    This took less than ten minutes to fit – from opening the box to sitting on it fitted !

    The instructions are just a sheet showing the different seat types, then a picture of how to put the fitting on: simples!

    There are not holes, as with orher seats, but slots – so it makes it much easier to align the seat exactly once the fittings are in.
    Then hold firm and screw the plastic “nut” onto the screw underneath.

    Easy to tighten by hand as flexible to touch, finished tightening by reaching down and under to hold nut, then giving a last turn of the plastic scew head on top with a screwdriver.

    Sturdy seat fit, may need periodic tightening – only time will tell, but will take seconds, and, as plastic, less likely to erode or rust into place like the metal ones.
    VERY Pleased.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Bemis Chicago Toilet Seat – Soft Cream (DIY & Tools)

    Having searched in vain for a cream toilet seat to match my cream bathroom I decided to try Amazon and hey presto a few different ones came up. I plumped for this one because of the reviews and the very reasonable price. I must admit until I actually received the goods I thought it would be flimsy and poorly made – just how wrong can you be! It is great quality, very sturdy and looks good as well. I would certainly recommend this brand to any one wishing to buy a replacement toilet seat. Just one other thing, why do all diy stores etc. only sell white or hideous colours or ones with things like fish and flowers moulded in. There must be a lot of housholds who still have a cream bathroom.

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