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YFK hemisphere 19.5 * 24cm stainless steel hot water bottle sound 2.7L large capacity

YFK hemisphere 19.5 * 24cm stainless steel hot water bottle sound 2.7L large capacity
Material: Stainless steel
Whether the insulation: Yes
Applicable to: water
Capacity: 2.7L
Color: stainless steel sanding
Size: 21 * 24cm
Scope: gas stove, induction cooker, ceramic furnace, halogen furnace

  • Handle with a unique design to maintain the overall consistency, solid does not fall off, heat insulation effect is excellent, good capacity, durable
  • Thick high-quality stainless steel, food-grade health materials, and thermal conductivity fast, high temperature deformation, anti-oil corrosion effect
  • Boil water full worry, unique kettle design, unique whistle device, water after the whistle, improve safety and quality
  • Large caliber spout, can be directly water, save time and fast
  • Thicker Hu Di, heating to speed up, heat evenly

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