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HOMCOM Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Stainless Steel Cupboard 6 Compartments Storage Shelves 63Hx30Lx15D(cm) – Bargain Discount

HOMCOM Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Stainless Steel Cupboard 6 Compartments Storage Shelves 63Hx30Lx15D(cm)

HOMCOM wall cabinet mirror is ideal for decorating in the bathroom or bedroom. Our cabinet has 6 compartments that could store essentials. It is made of high quality stainless steel and a design for saving space. With the buffer hinge, the door closes silently, especially in the mid night. This cabinet will keep your bathroom clean and tidy!


• 6 compartments for storing essentials
• Buffer hinge to keep the door closes without noise
• Modern design to save space
• Keep your bathroom clean and tidy


• Material: 201 stainless steel, glass
• Colour: Silver
• Net Weight: 5.3kg
• Overall Dimension: 63H x 30L x 15D (cm)
• 3 Tiers Height: 25cm, 17cm, 18cm
• Glass Mirror Thickness: 0.4cm
• Weight Capacity: 15kg
• Custom Label: 834-059

  • Made from stainless steel; Wall mounted design, space saving
  • A multifunction unit with both storage and mirror in one
  • The door is hinged for smooth opening and closing and without noise
  • 6 compartments for storing essentials
  • Overall Dimension: 63H x 30L x 15D (cm); Weight Capacity: 15kg

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