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Canvas Screen for Projectors Floor Mounted Home Cinema (100″ (254cm), 4:3, HDTV) – Recommended

Canvas Screen for Projectors Floor Mounted Home Cinema (100

Incredible gain factor of 1.0 – ideal for home setups, LCD and DLP projectors – optimized for HDTV with stunning 300 x 220 cm size = 381cm (150 “) diagonal. Good for 4:3 size ratio and optimal for 16:9 format films!

This high quality matte screen is coated with premium white vinyl and thanks to an extremely low gain factor (1.0) is excellently suited for a true home cinema experience. The vinyl coating of the screen is optimized so that the image
remains sharp, clear and brilliant, even from extreme viewing angles.
This eliminates the hassle of dragging furniture around and cramming everybody onto the sofa.
Easy installation and operation: The strong, tensioned bracket means the screen is easy to attach to any wall or ceiling:
Simply mount the bracket, hang the screen and lock in place. After use, simply roll up or completely remove and store away. The ideal solution for small and medium-sized rooms.

The gain factor is a measure of the reflectivity of a screen. The higher the gain factor, the more the light from the projector is reflected and the brighter the image is.
A high gain factor, however, has the serious disadvantage that the image becomes darker from a lateral viewing angle. This becomes a critical factor in a home cinema.
For home cinema purposes (from about 3 to 8 meters away), the smaller the gain factor the better the experience. The picture remains highly visible, and spectators on an angle will still enjoy an excellent viewing experience. A gain
factor of 1.0 is ideal – even at a value of 1.5 compromises must be made.
The light dispersal ratio varies across different materials. Screens with a strong dispersal ratio adversely affect the image quality and have no place in a home cinema.
Our 493 g / m² screens are optimized for the home cinema market and are characterized by an almost dispersal-free playback.
When purchasing the screen you should also make sure that the material is easy to clean.

  • 4:3 (displays 16:9 films in perfect format) | Black border masking for better contrast ratio and a relaxed visual experience
  • The canvas – perfect for screenings in HDTV quality The matte white screen is coated with premium vinyl and is perfect for public viewing and home cinema events thanks to its extremely low gain factor of 1.0! Unlike conventional projector screens, the quality coating on this screen allows it to be viewed from wide angles while still maintaining a sharp and clear image, free from any blurring.
  • Black back coating | Viewing angle: up to 125° | Wrinkle resistant because of modern, fiber-vinyl coating | Easy to clean – the screen can be wiped with a damp cloth | Heavy 3-layer fabric cloth 493g/m² | Able to be locked into any position | | Important Delivery Information! Due to the large size of this item we send it with our specialist courier spedition. As spedition deal with large shipments only they take slightly longer to reach you, usually between 7 and 10 working days from dispatch.

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3 Responses to Canvas Screen for Projectors Floor Mounted Home Cinema (100″ (254cm), 4:3, HDTV) – Recommended

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    3 Out of 5 Star Rating

    FrontStage Home Cinema Projector Screen with Tripod 200x200cm (Electronics)

    It does allow a decent image on the screen, The tripod is mainly metal and very stable and I’m never concerned anything is going to fall down or tip over.

    I gave it 3 stars however for a few things.

    Screen build quality: the white part seems good, but along both sides of the black section, there are frayed sections and threads poking out. A little off putting, I’m concerned if a frayed end is caught when it’s rolling in or out of the case, it may tear and damage the viewing part of the screen.
    The screen doesn’t seem to hold completely taut. some ripples are apparent.

    Tripod build quality: The clips used to secure the tripod to the vertical pole. is the same you would find on garden furniture, a plastic clip. Time will tell how long it lasts.

    The biggest issue I have, all the above I’d consider some much smaller. When I put this screen up on level ground with the tripod legs extended fully. it tilts to the right. This is incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to tune a projector in and your screen isn’t level.

    I’m considering returning for an exchange or refund.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Roll-up Home Cinema – 4:3 Size Ratio (Electronics)

    Arrived within a week of ordering, a little on the heavy side at 20kg but for the size of the screen it was expected. Fitted it above and in front of my curtains to cover large front window, easily done with the attached brackets but I had to use larger shelving style metal brackets to come out in front of the curtain rail. Easy to fit, done mostly on my own although needed help from my girlfriend to lift into position. The only issue I have is that it is a little noisy and squeaky when you pull down and release the roller, sounds like it needs a good oil or grease somewhere?
    Nice clean, white, vinyl screen, good weight so it hangs well with no creases.
    It’s a huge screen and the size I wanted, it fits perfectly and works wonderfully with my Optoma projector.
    All in all I am very pleased and would recommend!

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Roll-up Home Cinema – 4:3 Size Ratio (Electronics)

    Put up in a school hall for our cinema club, the children now ask for it to be used whenever a powerpoint is being shown as the colours are so much richer and vibrant. Easy pull down and retraction with a spring loaded roller

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