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Beka Melbourne 2.5 ltr Kettle – Limited Offer

Beka Melbourne 2.5 ltr Kettle
Bouilloire avec sifflet en acier inoxydable, compatble tous feux y compris l’induction, Contenance 2,5 litres

  • Stunning stainless steel whistling kettle
  • Easy to fill and clean thanks to the durable stainless steel lid
  • Ergonomically designed easy grip handle and easy pour action
  • Encapsulated sandwich base for optimum heat conduction and distribution
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction
  • Durable stainless steel lid
  • No white corrosion spots on the base
  • Easy to grip handle in stainless steel

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2 Responses to Beka Melbourne 2.5 ltr Kettle – Limited Offer

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Beka Melbourne 2.5 ltr Kettle (Kitchen & Home)

    This kettle has a very sleek design and is smaller than I first thought considering its 2.5 ltr capacity. The kettle is really easy to clean with the opening from the top roomy enough for easy cleaning . The lid is not metal but is glass with a metal ball. Quite misleading from the photos but it does not make any difference as it is still a very lovely kettle with a whistle so loud that it is sure to catch your attention!!

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Beka Melbourne 2.5 ltr Kettle (Kitchen & Home)

    I’ve replaced a Le Creuset whistling kettle with this one.
    Plus points are :
    1, the whole kettle is stainless steel with a glass lid which is good for viewing how much water is inside.
    2, The base of the kettle is smooth with an indented outer ring. This base is ideal for my Rayburn so would be suitable for an induction hob.
    3, The whistle is LOUD. It is louder than my old kettle.
    4, And lastly, the kettle looks stylish.
    Negative points are :
    1, when used on the gas hob the whole kettle gets hot so you have to wear a mitt to touch it once it’s boiled the water. This is a hindrance for taking the whistle off to pour the water. It just takes a bit of careful practice. When used on the Rayburn it is ok – I presume this would be the same on an induction hob.

    Future notes : I have just cleaned the inside of this kettle with white vinegar as it was getting very calcified (sp?) and the results are the kettle is like brand new.

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