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November Garden Workshop examines the seasons

DUNCAN — The Greenlee County Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener Class for the month of November will focus on the four seasons. This month’s class will be about planning yearly gardens, making use of resources and getting the best out of plantings. “We will study the four seasons from the soil up, to determine when is the best time to get the best results from garden chores such as planting, pruning, fertilizing, watering and harvesting,” said Horticulture Program Coordinator Bill Cook. “Here in southeastern Arizona, we have a very different set of garden challenges from most other places.

Because most of the information available is aimed at other places and not necessarily applicable to us, we will also review information sources and how they apply to us, particularly the internet.” Specifics for the class will include the whens and whys of planting, pruning, watering frequency and more. The review of internet resources will help guests determine fact from fiction with online sources and provide instruction on how to use University of Arizona Cooperative Extension services.

The class will be held at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension office in Duncan at 9 a.m. on Nov.


Workshop fees are £10 per person, and free to students currently enrolled in the Master Gardener Program.

For more information call Cook at 928-359-2261.

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