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New Nissan Micra review..

There was a time when cars manufactured for the ‘cheap and functional’ market wouldn’t have had aesthetics as a top priority.

But it appears Nissan has thrown that rulebook out the window with its sporty and spiky new Micra.

Gone is the bland, bubble look of the Micra of old — and in its place comes a vibrant and futuristic vehicle that turns heads at every corner.


New Nissan Micra review The New Nissan Micra

Such is the extent of the makeover that it is difficult to readily recognise this new Micra as the obvious descendant of any of the four generations that have come before it.

The bold new exterior design, with its stylish front grille, roof spoiler, rectangular fog lamps and hidden rear door handles, transforms the Micra into a slick and swanky supermini.

The interior is equally impressive, with its cool D-shaped steering wheel, smart central control system and soft touch dashboard.

As an added bonus, the new Micra is also equipped with a special six speaker Bose personal audio system, which includes speakers in the driver’s head rest, and 360-degree sound definition no less. New Nissan Micra review

It all adds to the belief that Nissan was keen to deliver a car that would impress a new generation of drivers.


Looks aside, the Micra stays true to its tradition of functionality as it drives smoothly through the
traffic without too much fuss.

It’s a hardly a powerhouse, and the performance capabilities of the Micra is possibly the least of its features to get excited about, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, as always with the Micra — given it is the smallest car in the Nissan fleet — space is still an issue that will bother some buyers.

New Nissan Micra review The dash

While the legroom in the driver and front passenger seats is more than ample, fitting just average sized adults in the back becomes a bit of a stretch.

Maybe that is not something to trouble any new young driver looking to get on the roads in a smart and sassy car such as this, but drivers with kids or dogs to be chauffeured may want to look elsewhere.


Unfortun-ately, some of the older and more loyal drivers of the Micra may also just see this sporty redesign as
a step too far.

It’s certainly a step in a new direction for the Micra — a very bold one.

And it’s one Nissan will be hoping will give all the competition in the runabout class the run-around.

Time will tell.

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