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Entreprenuer on Main Road makes cardboard toy planes

A well-known quote, ‘An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down’, best describes Morris Jere. He is a gifted young man who is working hard to make a living by making and selling cardboard planes and animals held together by wire. In a country with an unemployment rate of 26,6 per cent, it is encouraging to see someone creating a job for himself.

Fourways Review caught up with Jere, a Zimbabwean national who lives in Cosmo City, on the corner of Main and Maple roads in Kyalami where his eye-catching creations tell a story of a person who has a passion for art.

Jere said, “I come to this road as much as I can with my stuff hoping to catch the eye of people driving and walking past so that they can buy. I started making planes after I saw a man doing it in Germiston when I was so broke and desperate for a job.”

Jere also paints on canvas in his spare time. “As a man and father of two, I knew that I needed to make money, but it is a tough business working for yourself. I am hoping many people will support me.”

One of the planes Morris Jere has made.

Morris Jere stands at the robots on Main and Maples roads in Kyalami to sell his creations.

He added that he could make up to three big cardboard aeroplanes in a day. “The smaller versions take more time so it takes me a day to make one. I love what I do and I am proud that when times were very hard I found a solution to feed my family.” Making cardboard planes has fueled Jere’s love for aeroplanes and he hopes to one day fly in one.

He said he wanted to thank a resident, Margi Donde, who showed her support by buying from him and also posted on Facebook about him.

Details: Morris Jere 074 346 6414.

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