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Watch Comedian Evelyn Ngugi Review Weird Beauty Products

Most of the time, the comedians we enlist for our “Comedians Review Weird Beauty Products” series[1] have no idea what the contraptions and skin-care innovations are that we give them. However, Evelyn Ngugi[2], who will be starring in the upcoming web series called “[We Are]”( in September, finally cracked the code.

It took her a second, but after looking at the blue Magic Globes for a bit, she figured out that you freeze them and press them to your face for a relaxing, cooling sensation. Her review: 5 out of 5, a perfect score.

Ngugi was also a fan of the oil-packed toothpaste we gave her, which she called “a clay mask for your teeth,” and the Dr. Jart rubber sheet mask[3].

When it came to a lip plumping device, she didn’t have the same glowing review. She gave it a negative 7000 out of 5 because it only fit the corner of her mouth.

Fair enough. She similarly felt weird about what she called “a waist trainer for your face.” (Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing when she says, “Fat necks save lives.” Preach.) She also brought up the fact that it’s probably labeled as a nude, and it’s definitely not her nude. Yes, the shade inclusivity[4] debate also runs through this silly video series.

In the video above, you can watch Evelyn Ngugi review all the weird beauty products we gave her.

I dare you to not LOL at your desk.

Featuring: Evelyn Ngugi, Director: Maya Margolina, DP: Anna Stypko, Editor: Sarah Laties, Cam Operator: Colleen Kwok, Makeup: Holly Gowers using Chanel Les Beiges for Atelier Management, Hair: Ty Shearn, Stylist: Jade Vallario, Sound Op: Collin Alexander, PA: Omar De Leon, Shoes by Keds

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