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To Pixar and Beyond review: How Lawrence Levy created a film industry success


Photo: Supplied To Pixar and Beyond Lawrence Levy

OneWorld, £34.99 Pixar has become synonymous with ground-breaking, computer animations such as the Toy Story series, Ratatouille and The Incredibles, now classics of the genre. However, when Lawrence Levy was asked by owner, Steve Jobs, to run the company and take it public, the business was struggling and yet to prove itself with a feature film.

Jobs had promised his employees stock options but nothing had materialised. It fell to Levy to get Jobs to deliver, while enticing backers and investors to believe in Pixar’s potential. For Levy, the making of Pixar was “akin to the high-pressure grinding of tectonic plates pushing up new mountains”.

A collision of innovation with real-world pressures.

This well-told tale is a reminder that it takes inspired management, as well as great storytellers, to transform the creative landscape.

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