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Our fleet: Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 1.6CDTi company car review

The Zafira Tourer has just had its first top up of AdBlue (5,000 miles). It had indicated 1,600 miles left before the tank was empty. The filler cap is under the fuel flap next to the fuel filler which is very convenient.

However filling the AdBlue tank was not straightforward. The motorway services only sold 10-litre containers at ?19.99 (?22.80 for five litres at our local Vauxhall dealership). It was cumbersome to carry back to the car and tricky to hold up to the filler.

The container came with its own spout but it would only pour when it was squeezed. Also with no indicator to tell you when the tank is full, the AdBlue spills out down the side and onto your shoes. I’m now left with a half-full container as the Zafira didn’t need it all, although a colleague will use it for their long-termer.

Author: Luke Neal

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