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New Zealand: Scammer Accidentally Calls Police

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A scammer in New Zealand made the worst call of his criminal history when he accidentally called the police department. In the recording, the scammer can be heard telling the person on the call to turn on their computer so they can help them. The cop responds by telling the scammer that the computer is on.

The scammer continues to talk on the phone as if he was talking to a regular person. The cop is told to open internet explorer and type in a website. After typing in the website, the cop asks what that is going to do for him.

The scammer says he is from the support server connection of Windows technical department and asks the cop if he typed in the website. The cop says yes but asks if this is a scam. After the scammer tries to give an explanation on why it’s not a scam, the cop tells him it’s a scam and that he is calling from overseas.

The scammer appears to be surprised by the response and says that he is not trying to scam him. He then asks how does he know about it and how is he so sure. The cop tells the scammer that he has called New Zealand Police and the scammer quickly ends the call.

The two minute recording went viral after it was posted on New Zealand’s Police Facebook page. The recording currently has over 600,000 views. In the post, police also tells people that if they receive a phone call like the one on the recording, to not give them access to their computer and personal or financial information.

The Facebook post has also received hundreds of comments from people who have received similar phone calls in the past. The call appears to be a mistake by the scammer, who thought he was just contacting another person. But police have used the recording to warn people about scammers.

The video can be found on New Zealand’s Police official Facebook page, where it currently has more than nine thousand likes and eight thousand shares.




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