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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis at the Lexington

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis at the Lexington | Live review 31st May 2017


Shot by Guifre de Peray


In the dimly lit, upstairs room of the Lexington, Kitty, in her usual catsuit (this time silver), Daisy in a baby-blue dress and Lewis in high-waisted trousers reminiscent of the 1940s, strolled onto the stage and, without introduction, launched into their lively, rockabilly set. Fronted by the North London siblings, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham, the five-piece band are touring Europe prior to the release of their forthcoming album, Superscope, in September, which includes their new single Down on My Knees.

Known for their retro style and instrumental versatility, the trio switched seamlessly between vocals, drums, guitar and keyboard, whilst Kitty’s harmonica in songs such as It Aint Your Business and When I First Met You Baby, had the crowd foot-tapping and head-bopping.

The band are unique in that they aren’t afraid of eight-track tape recorders and analogue equipment, leaving computers out of the recording process. They emitted this vintage vibe when, during their encore, Kitty veered off stage and walked through the audience as the music, suggestive of a broken record, became a loop of the same few notes. But although they espouse genres such as rhythm and blues, ska, jazz and old school rock’n’roll, there is something current about the group, perhaps emanating from the relatable lyrics of numbers such as No Action and Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me.

Their musical ability and mastery of each instrument, alongside powerful voices, warrants attention and although it was not without technical difficulties, the performance was soulful and refreshing.

The siblings were supported by their father on acoustic and mother, the former drummer of The Raincoats, on bass guitar. Kitty also pointed out her aunt in the front row, turning the night into a true family affair of which the audience felt a part.

Lewis quipped that their most popular track, Going Up the Country, a Canned Heat cover, has “cursed them to this day”. There must be a semblance of truth to his statement as the crowd couldn’t seem to contain themselves, dancing, singing and cheering as Daisy thrashed away at a snare drum accompanied by Kitty’s harmonica.

Uplifting and bursting with energy, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’s performance was a full mix of talent with a pleasing, retro but recent aesthetic.


Olivia Cal
Photos: Guifre de Peray

For further information about Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and future events visit here[1].

Watch the video for Going Up the Country here:

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