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I Used a Lush Bath Bomb as a Highlighter and Looked Like a Unicorn Goddess

This hack definitely works.

May 31, 2017
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One should never be without highlighter – that’s just a rule to live by. This is 2017 and in *sparkle* we trust. But if you run out of your go-to glaze and don’t have time for a trip to Sephora (five minutes always turns into an hour in that time-warp of a beauty mecca), a Lush bath bomb does the same thing[1].

To figure out exactly which bombs give you the most poppin’ shimmer, I tested out three of their glitteriest bombs.

The conclusion: the Sunnyside Bubble Bar[2], Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt[3], and Milky Bath Bubble Bar[4] are all v effective for highlighting (though, Milky is my personal fave).

Check out the full review above.

You’re welcome in advance.

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