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Batman: Animated Series Action Figures Get Animated Toy Review

Animated Toy Review Shows Off The Fun Side of Batman: Animated Series Action Figures

Action Figure Fury has long been a haven for many of us sci-fi nerds who love to collect figures, statues, and collectables of all sorts. They have brought us both news and reviews for many of the most popular manufacturers and now they are kicking things up to the next level! Not only have they revamped their website with a new look, but they began showing off their figures in a new way, using some Batman: Animated Series action figures to craft a stop-motion animated example of how to have fun with these figures.

One of our very own writers, Christopher Stewart, reviewed 4 Batman: Animated Series action figures for Action Figure Fury. After covering the 5 major categories of packaging, sculpt, paint, articulation, and accessories, he had this to say:

One of the big reasons we all collect these figures, or at least a reason I do, is to set them up and show them off. This led us to make a fun stop-motion video using these Batman figures! Christopher continued, . . . honestly, it was a blast to make. Give me any excuse to play with my figures without my wife rolling her eyes as she walks past. Seriously though, it was a lot of fun and really shows off the figures in a way that would be hard to do with simple photos.

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures Get Animated Toy Review The Batman stop-motion video starts with the iconic Arkham Asylum gate and the Penguin languishing in a cell. Nightwing then shows up, seemingly breaking into a secure area. But what s really going on here? I don t want to ruin the video for you so go ahead and watch all the fun here1. The stop motion was very well done and I m excited to see Action Figure Fury make more animated videos showcasing action figures, like this one for the Batman: Animated Series action figures.


  1. ^ watch all the fun here (

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