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Toy Review Tuesday: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade

This week’s Toy Review Tuesday taking a look at the impressive S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade in all it’s glory. Come inside to watch the latest episode and see my new obsession!

I m getting into getting some more Kamen Rider Figuarts and one of the series I really liked was Kamen Rider Decade which helped unite the worlds of the previous nine Heisei Riders. Look if all that went over your head just catch me at a bar or a con one day and I ll fill you in. So the first Decade figure was, well it was okay for its time and due to the look of it it wasn t high on my list to get but here come this new figure done in the Shinkocchou Seiho style. Basically better body proportions to look like a person wearing a suit.

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Decade here looks really great and the detail is something I can t even express in type, (hence why I made a video): down to the weapons, the driver, and these tiny cards that the figure has. Honestly if there s a choice between a regular Figuarts of a Rider and this particular design I’m going with this one. No regrets and worth the extra dollars. Get it quickly cause these guys sell out quick.

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-Jason The X

Great another thing for me to obsessivly collect. It’s a vicious cycle that I don’t want help for. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX


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