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Tech Toy Review: TROBO the Storytelling Robot

Tech Toy Review: TROBO The Storytelling Robot

Teacher, Friend and wonderfully intuitive interactive device, TROBO is put through his paces in Alex Yarde s Review

My six year old daughter has found a new best plushy friend and to replace her coveted poo emoji from Liberty Science Center, it had to be extraordinary. His name is TROBO the Storytelling Robot and I think your youngster will love it as much as my daughter does.

Co-Created by Chris Harden & Jeremy Schienberg and winner of the popular science award at Toy Fair 2015, TROBO is an interactive, very huggable Bluetooth enabled playmate for kids 2+.

Tech Toy Review: TROBO The Storytelling Robot

Curie model

Both the Newton and Curie models read short very engaging and age appropriate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) based stories featuring your child, downloaded from the

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