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Toy Review Tuesday: Maketoys Gundog and Hellfire

This week’s Toy Review Tuesday is taking a look at a pair of third-party Transformers figures from the guys over at Maketoys. Come inside to see how these stack up to the official bots, and our thoughts on the brand!

The field of third party Transformer is pretty packed. With a different company for every size, line, and so forth sometimes choosing the right one can be difficult. With the current Combiner Wars line not interesting me at all, I’ve been focusing on the Masterpiece scale and even throwing in a few third party bots to supplement the team. Gundog and Hellfire are the first bots I’ve purchased from Maketoys who is now up to four Masterpiece themed Transformers. First off is Gundog. It’s pretty much a spot on interpretation of G1 Hound from the classic cartoon series. While a bit out of scale in vehicle mode it absolutely nails robot mode. A few more liberties were taken with Hellfire (or Inferno) but when compared to the transformation to the original toy, it’s very similar. embedded content

embedded content

These are great additions guys and I would highly recommend them. I may actually get one of their Headmasters now cause the quality is that damn good.

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-Jason The X

I have a whole list of third party transformers I want just trying to figure out who to invoice. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX


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