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Toy Review Tuesday: LEGO Kryptonite Interception Set

Today’s Toy Review Tuesday is feeling extra super, with a look at one of the new LEGO sets featuring characters from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Come inside to see what I have to say about it!

Hey another Lego set to review and this time I have to thank Lego and Warnerner Bros. for sending this set out to me. Now it’s a great set and let’s face it, the draw is this new Batmobile that looks really good. It definently comes off sleeker than our previous models and we also get a new Batman design for the minifigure, along with two thug minifigures and something for Bats to crash into with the forklift I like this set.

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-Jason The X

Yes I kind of nerded out at the thought someone was sending me toys. Now how do I get them to send me whiskey? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX


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