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Star Wars Hero Mashers toy review

Ever since the release of Star Wars Episode IV in 1977, there has been an eclectic range of figures, toys, models and action figures launched for lovers of the franchise to buy and collect and there are no signs of that slowing down now thanks to The Force Awakens released in December of last year. Recently, thanks to an equally geeky friend of mine who encourages that I spend my hard-earned money on random bits and bobs, I have become one of these collectors, buying all sorts when it comes to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time! These new Star Wars Hero Mashers from Hasbro are a welcome addition to what I have amassed so far.

Star Wars Hero Mashers Toy Review

First I m going to look at the Stormtrooper. He s a really great looking action figure, which has a lot of the details from the films. This includes his look on the front with the helmet, down to the colours and the back as well. It s been very well made to accommodate as many of the bumps, lines and gaps that make up the entire armour. The arms, legs and head all detach with ease, which makes it a lot more fun to swap them around with other Hero Mashers you have. Which brings me onto the second figure I have from this range.

Star Wars Hero Mashers Toy Review

Chewbacca, complete with his iconic man-bag and bowcaster in hand, is a brilliant figure in this already fantastically fun range. Whilst it s not real fur (probably a wise choice to be fair) it does look very intricate. The details are once again key and they haven t skipped a beat. From his face, to his hands (paws??), to his feet and accessories, this is a really nice version of fan favourite Chewbacca which you can have hours of fun playing with.

Star Wars Hero Mashers Toy Review

These toys are a great way to introduce anyone to the franchise, they are fun, interchangeable and great to play with. (I m 31, I had a great time!) There are several more in this range to check out so go and take a look at what you can create with all of the Star Wars Hero Masher figures.

Star Wars Hero Mashers Toy Review

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