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Toy Review: The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand – Emmeline …

Sometimes there s no beating a classic and that s certainly the case with this wand. There s nothing fancy going on with the Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand1 and there really doesn t need to be. Sometimes a great wand is its own reward.

The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand

The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand2 is exactly what you think a wand would look like. Meo3 describes its design as tried and true and this is, in many ways, the perfect description for this product as a whole. The wand itself is about 13 inches in length with the maximum circumference of the head coming in at 7.5 inches. The main body of the toy is made from body-safe ABS plastic whereas the head is covered with a silicone sleeve which contains some padding underneath for a softer touch.

Toy Review: The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand – Emmeline ...The Meo Wand is a classic and a successful one at that.

Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe, making this toy a fantastic pick if you care about material quality. The texture of the Meo Power Massager Wand4 is a very appealing element of the toy. Much like another wand I tried in the past, the slight grainy texture that it has responds well with lubricant to provide a heightened experience which enhances its feeling against the clitoris or other sensitive areas without feeling overbearing or too gritty. This makes the head of the Meo Wand5 a winner for me. The Meo Wand6 also has a flexible neck which I m a bit on the fence about. On the one hand this allows the wand the flexibility needed to work with my body but, on the other hand it makes applying pressure a bit more of a two handed task. The lines grooved into the neck also make it a bit harder to clean as well. However overall I think I fall slightly in preference of a flexible neck on this toy. It makes it feel more accommodating and I can certainly appreciate that.

Toy Review: The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand – Emmeline ...The texture on the head adds to the enjoyment of using this wand.

The Meo Power Massager Wand7 only had two buttons and two buttons are all it needs. One of these buttons turns the toy on and off whereas the other cycles through its 10 different modes. Of these modes 2 are continuous vibrations of varying intensity whereas the others are patterns. As usual I m not a pattern lover but the patterns used for this wand are standard and should appeal to those who do like them. This two-button design is especially useful for those who value discretion and need a vibrator that can literally turn off at the push of a button. These buttons are also nicely placed on the toy and feel easy to use.

Toy Review: The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand – Emmeline ...The buttons are very easy to use and conform to the Hitachi-ish vibe that this wand is going for.

In terms of noise the Meo Wand8 actually surprised me in regards to how comparatively quiet it is to other wands. Don t get me wrong it still produces an audible hum. However this hum seems to have a lower frequency to it which makes it less obtrusive than something like a high pitched buzz or a roaring rumble. This means that the Meo Wand9 is something I m comfortable using when I do want a quieter toy, as it is even gentler in regards to sound than some of my non-wand toys. This low hum comes with wonderful vibrations which seem to mirror how they sound. Smooth, rumbly and deep, the vibrations from this wand often get me off on the first setting (though they do gain a higher pitch and a slight undertone of buzz on the second setting). I honestly prefer using this wand on its gentler setting and find this to be perfectly adept at bringing me to a strong, prolonged orgasm which more than meets my expectations from a wand vibrator. Smooth is a word I want to emphasize with this toy because its vibrations really did have this amazing smoothness to them, like a particularly masterful cup of coffee or hot chocolate; rich and fulfilling in all the right ways and lacking in any rough edges that might detract from the experience. Typically I don t like the limitations of mains powered sex toys (especially ones with a cord as short as the one on this wand) but with the Meo Wand10 I was actually happy to have it plugged in. Why? Well because I enjoyed the vibrations so much that I was happy to use then in full confidence that the battery would never die out on me mid-use. This has only ever happened to me a few times with rechargeable toys and yet with the Meo Wand11 I still felt ecstatic knowing that the vibrations could just keep on going and going if I wanted them too. That s how much I enjoy the sensations of this wand.

Now while I do really like this wand there are still some downsides to it. Because this toy is mains powered it does take a bit longer to clean and that can always be a pain. The best way to clean it is with a toy cleaner spray and some wet wipes (or a damp cloth), however always take extra care not to get any of the exposed electrical components wet and don t clean it while it s still plugged in. Because the silicone head is a sleeve you also have to make sure to pull it up and bit and clean around that area, as it can amass some gunk, and this is a bit of a pain. Still it s a small price to pay for the enjoyment that this wand provides.

The Meo Wand12 is also made for a non-UK plug and so will require an adapter. Again, this isn t a huge issue but you will need to keep it in mind when making your purchase.

Final Thoughts

The Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand13 is a classic wand vibrator in every way and it benefits because of it. This is a wand of quality; a reliable wand, an effective wand and, most importantly, a powerful wand. I reach for it eagerly when I want a wand without too much of a roar and I know that my orgasms won t suffer for choosing it above some of my other favourites. As an added bonus the Meo Wand14 is also compatible with Meo s15 many wand attachments, giving you even more options for expanding your play session. Overall I am incredibly happy with the Meo Wand16 and have no hesitations recommending it to people who want an enjoyable mains powered product.

Recommend to:

People looking for a strong, reliable wand vibrator. People who like deep vibrations. People who like some texture.

Do not Recommend to:

People who prefer smaller toys. People who dislike texture. People wanting a cordless wand.

Meo17 provided me with the Meo Power Massager Vibrating Wand18 in exchange for an honest review. Why not show them your approval by checking out their site here.

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