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Toy Review: The L'Amourose Prism VII Rouge – Emmeline Peaches …

The original L Amourose Rosa1 (and its Rouge2 counterpart) took the sex toy community by storm, however long-term readers may be aware that this toy didn t enthuse me as much as it could have. Don t get me wrong, I loved the shape of the Rosa Rouge s3 shaft, its vibrations and the wonderful heat aspect, but the base was a real deal breaker for me. I like using a clitoral vibrator with my internal toys and the base of the Rosa Rouge4 simply didn t allow for this at all. This, it seems, was a common piece of feedback because now we have the Prism5 line. The Prism6 toys keep the amazing vibrations and shaft design on the Rosa s7 but with one significant difference; L Amourose8 ditched the chunky base and created a prismatic handle which allows you to comfortably grip the toy while also making room for a clitoral vibe. When I saw this I jumped with joy. When the L Amourose Prism VII Rouge9 appeared at my door I cheered. But is the Prism VII Rouge10 better than its chunky-based counterpart or is there still room for improvement?

The L Amourose Prism VII Rouge

The L Amourose Prism VII Rouge11 is the most deluxe of the Prism line. Why? Well not only is it a rabbit-type vibrator (with included clitoral stimulation) but it also comes with L Amourose s12 Thermal Regulation System. This means the Prism VII Rouge13 will actually heat up to about 40-42 degrees during use and maintain this level of heat while turned on. This effect takes about 3-5 minutes to occur but once it does you re left with a sublimely warm vibrator.

Toy Review: The L'Amourose Prism VII Rouge – Emmeline Peaches ...The Prism VII Rouge warms my heart (and a few other reasons too).

Now, the L Amourose Prism VII Rouge14 is a luxury vibrator which means that it comes with a certain amount of perks. In the Prism VII Rouge s15 case the box it comes in is sturdy and suitable for gift giving. There is also a storage bag included with the Prism VII Rouge16 as well as a warranty card guaranteeing 18 months of protection against defects and a lifetime quality guarantee. The L Amourose Prism VII Rouge17 is also completely submersible (making cleaning a breeze) and SM© USB rechargeable. A single charge will get you up to 1 hour of use on the middle speed which is great. Pattern lovers will also be pleased to hear that in addition to the Prism VII Rouge s18 12 vibration intensities this toy also comes with 7 different patterns. The buttons for the Prism VII Rouge19 are nicely positioned and very straight forward. There s a + a and a pattern changing button to get you to where you want to go. The + and buttons are also oriented in such a way that it s easier to increase power when the toy is in use, which may be one of my favourite design features of the Prism VII Rouge20. That being said it s hard to top the excellent design on the shaft itself.

Designed with an ergonomic curve and a beautifully elegant bulge, the Prism VII Rouge s21 shaft maintains L Amourose s22 high standards when it comes to G-Spot stimulation. The shaft has an insertable length of just under 4 inches and a maximum circumference of 4.25 inches making it very manageable for most people. The shaft itself is also firm, allowing users to apply increased pressure on the G-Spot if they desire.

Toy Review: The L'Amourose Prism VII Rouge – Emmeline Peaches ...The shaft is incredibly effective for G-Spot stimulation and can be used for anal play too.

Covering the whole of the Prism VII Rouge s23 shaft is a lovely layer of silky smooth, matte, body-safe silicone which is phthalate-free and non-porous. The smooth sensation of this material is incredibly appealing and really does add to the luxurious nature of the Prism VII Rouge24. Personally it makes me want to stroke the Prism VII Rouge s25 shaft enthusiastically, or, as a fun alternative, caress my body with it. The vibrations provided by the Prism VII Rouge26 are real contenders in the world of strong, rumbly toys. I mean these vibrations practically scream rumbly; making their presence known by resonating deep into the body. The vibrations themselves are wonderfully rhythmic in their rumbliness but there s also a slower underlying undulation which feels equally divine. It kind of reminds me of a lapping sensation without flickering in any manner. It s hard to describe but it definitely enhances the vibrations that the Prism VII Rouge s27 shaft has to offer. Because of how effective the vibrations are for the Prism VII Rouge28 I often use this toy as a clitoral vibrator instead of an internal one. By using the shaft in different ways I can make the sensations it provides pin-point or broad and the vibrations are always powerful enough to bring me to a strong climax. The warmth of the Prism VII Rouge29 is also 100% worth the extra money in my opinion as the sensation is provides is truly amazing. For me it was like my vulva was being engulfed in perfectly maintained warmth which consumed my thoughts upon the point of climax. It certainly took my orgasms up a notch and created a cosy-but-passionate experience that I now crave regularly.

Internally I am a big fan of the Prism VII Rouge s30 shaft and feel like it does a very good job at instantly pin-pointing my G-Spot without feeling intrusive or overbearing. The vibrations really do come into their own internally, though I still prefer them on my clit. The resulting orgasms through internal use have been strong, long, and suitably satisfying. The icing on the cake is that if Mr. Peaches has PiV sex with me afterwards he comments on how noticeably warm I feel inside, which is a turn-on for both of us. Alas, you ll notice that I haven t mentioned the clitoral petal throughout any of this review and that s because it does nothing for me. It s short, gentle and seems to rely on the periphery rumble of the Prism VII Rouge s31 shaft which means that it ultimately feels lacklustre. What s worst for me is that it still manages to block some clitoral toys from being used effectively, especially wands.

Toy Review: The L'Amourose Prism VII Rouge – Emmeline Peaches ...The clitoral arm is still a hindrance to my fun.

Sadly there is no Prism V Rouge, though, so the trade-off for yummy heat is a bit of a reshuffle every now and then if you re using a clitoral vibe too. As it stands it s not the worst possible trade-off, and the Prism VII Rouge32 still give much more leeway for clitoral toys than the original Rosa Rouge33, but I can t help but crave a Prism V Rouge too. This toy is sooo close to perfection for me that I guess it just bugs me that it falls slightly short. Still if you prefer gentler clitoral sensations and feel like the petal would reach your clit then this shouldn t be an issue at I m happy that you ll be able to use the Prism VII Rouge34 as it was fully intended. I just want an alternative for those of us who dual-wield.

Are there any other downsides to the Prism VII Rouge35? None that I can see. Originally I received a defective one but this was quickly rectified so I even feel confident that any issue with the Prism VII Rouge s36 functions will be addressed. You can even turn the heating function off if you d rather not use it at any given moment. L Amourose37 really have thought of everything.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with the L Amourose Prism VII Rouge38 and feel like it reflects L Amourose s39 passion for improving their products and enhancing user experience. I ll be even happier if this eventually results in a Prism V Rouge as that s basically the ideal in my mind. Anyone who likes rumbly, strong, firm G-Spotting toys should definitely try the new Prism40 line and those who want to experiment with heat should absolutely try the Prism VII Rouge41. Just keep in mind your clitoral preferences before making the purchase.

Still I would definitely recommend the Prism VII Rouge42 and know that it ll be staying in my top drawer with all my other tried-and-tested favourites and heavy-hitters.

Recommend to:

People who love rumbly vibrations. People looking for an alternative to the Mona. People wanting the vibrator equivalent of an electric blanket.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer buzzy vibrators. People wanting a strong, long clitoral arm. People who would rather skip the heat and get the Prism VII43 instead.

The L Amourose Prism VII Rouge44 was provided to me by L Amourose45 via Pasante46 in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review please do consider showing your gratitude by visiting their pages. You guys rock.

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