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Toy Review: The Fun Factory Lady Bi – Emmeline Peaches Reviews

The Fun Factory Lady Bi2 may not be my cup of tea but this toy will tick a lot of boxes for some people. Do you love dual-action vibes with two motors to boot? Length? Girth? Curves? Well the Fun Factory Lady Bi4 is one of Miss Bi s6 older sister in some ways. A bit taller, a bit more traditional, and very classy.

Lady Bi7 isn t seeking the G-Spot, oh no, it has a different goal in mind. Lady Bi9 to provoke A-Spot stimulation. Never heard of the A-Spot before? Well, to cut a long story short the A-Spot (short for anterior fornix spot) is an area on the upper wall of the vagina close to the cervix. When stimulated it is said to cause very powerful sensations and result in strong (sometimes squirting) orgasms. I honestly can t speak for the effectiveness of the A-Spot myself (as when using insertable toys I m perfectly happy to hang out near the G-Spot) but if length is a prerequisite for hitting it then the Lady Bi11 are flexible enough for comfortable use but not too flexible that they re ineffective. The Toy Review: The Fun Factory Lady Bi – Emmeline Peaches ReviewsThe clitoral arm has a decent amount of reach once the shaft is in place.

The Lady Bi s14 curved tip and clitoral arm means that you re essentially getting stimulation on three fronts, all of which can be incredibly enjoyable for some. The silicone covering the Lady Bi16 grabs against the vaginal walls during use and demands that you pay attention to the sensations it provides. This may not appeal to everyone but it works quite well for the Lady Bi18 is so draggy I do recommend using lots of water-based lube with it.

Being a lady, the Lady Bi20 a very user-friendly sex toy, and the easy-to-navigate control panel just adds to this. One the control panel is a quick stop button and two others which allow you to control the Lady Bi22 does not skimp on variety.

Lady Bi23 are also very pleasing. The rumble they produce prompted an audible Oooh when I first turned it on. When a toy provokes an impressed vocalisation from a power queen when it powers up then you know it s a good sign. Because of the dual-motors these vibrations also have somewhat of a rippling sensation; a rolling reverberation which seems to quiver in perceptible union with the wave-like design of this toy. Just because this vibrator can be powerful, though, doesn t mean that it s inaccessible for those who crave a gentler touch, and there is a lower, slower rumbling setting which is similar to what I imagine a tiger s purr would be like; formidable but irresistibly soft and comforting too. If I had one gripe against the Lady Bi s25 vibrations I can orgasm with it, but not while using it as intended. There are a few reasons as to why the Fun Factory27 hit the nail on the head when they asked Does size matter? and answered with Depends what you want and the Lady Bi29 was a real barrier to enjoyment for me. Not only because I wouldn t use it all but because inserting the toy to a certain length is actually required in order to make use of the clitoral arm. This is an inherent part of the design which I wouldn t dream of changing, but it does mean that this toy has very little utility for me. Add to this the fact that I typically dislike dual-stimulation vibrators and the Lady Bi31? Not really. It s a dust magnet but it s also waterproof so cleaning it is easy enough.

Like the Lady Bi33 does pretty much exactly what you think it will. Because of this it s a toy that will most likely meet the expectations of those who crave it and will fall flat for those who have a hunch that it s not for them. It s very forthright in this manner, able to meet people s expectations in regards to both its pros and cons. With this in mind I urge you to trust your intuition when it comes to the Lady Bi35 matches up with your proclivities. If it doesn t then that s absolutely fine but if it does, well, hopefully you ll be enjoying a whole different kind of stimulation.

Recommend to:

People who like longer toys. People looking for an A-Spot toy.

People who like rumbly, dual motors.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer shorter toys.

People who dislike rabbit-like vibrators.

People looking for an anal toy (the Fun Factory37 provided me with the here39.

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