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TIA puts Toy of the Year Awards categories up for review

TIA Puts Toy Of The Year Awards Categories Up For Review 28 Feb 2016

Organisers of the North American Toy Fair, The Toy Industry Association, says it will review the Toy of the Year Awards categories as part of the finalisation of its strategic plans for the next four years to 2020. TIA president Steve Pasierb has revealed that the organisation is open to shaking up its Toy of the Year Awards categories, including dropping those based around gender, and examine how the organisation’s awards program can steer clear of “false dichotomies”.

We try to rethink everything we do at the TIA, Pasierb said. We know that with our Toy of the Year Awards, there are categories we need to add and there are categories we need to change.

The question keeps coming up: if you have a boys toy of the year and a girls toy of the year, why don t you have a boys outdoor toy of the year or a girls outdoor toy of the year? Is dividing by boys and girls the best way to do it? Some shows do it by age group. We ve encouraged our TOTY committee to go back and look at this. At the 2016 Toy of the Year Awards, Moose Toys won its second Girls TOTY category with the Shopkins collectable range’s Scoops Ice Cream Truck, with Lego taking home the Boys TOTY with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millenium Falcon.

Obviously, boys are going to gravitate to GI Joe and girls are going to gravitate to Barbie. It s going to happen, Pasierb said. The question is how much do we need to identify that as the narrow niche.

The example I keep giving is Spin Master s fantastic Zoomer Kitty. It was in the girls category. I have two cats at home. I don t consider cats to be girl orientated. They re people orientated. We want to make sure we don t end up with those false dichotomies.

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