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Arcade USA Toy Review Dreamgear's My Arcade!

Arcade USA Toy Review Dreamgear's My Arcade!

While browsing through my local Toys R Us, I came upon this little arcade machine toy called My Arcade by Dreamgear. Now I am familiar with Dreamgear products and know what types of games typically are on their devices. This little arcade machine is no pretty much has those typical games plus a few extras (200 in all). Although I did run across the same game with different names on the device. It features a nice 2.5 lighted color LCD display, although some text is hard to read on it in certain games. It has a joystick, 2 fire buttons, reset, start and sound. The control pad in the unit has the typical carbon dot mushroom style actuators, no mechanical switches are in this device. The sound has 3 levels Off, Low and Loud. I did find the controls responded nicely while playing the games, although with my larger hands it was a little difficult to work them. The unit has some very simple games but there are some decent ones in there. I found a alternative version of Mappy the Arcade game, a decent defender clone (that had the sound effects of defender) and some other unique games that even though were simple were very entertaining. I did however notice a game called Dark Castle on this machine that looks alot like the Intellivision game Thunder Castle. Also there was a pretty much direct copy of Pinball from the NES (it was called Hoodle , Hoodle? what the heck is that!)

It is being sold at Toys R Us for 29.95. For what it is and the games that are on it, I would wait until they become discounted to puchase one. However, this device would make a great arcade emulation machine by putting a Raspberry PI in it!

Rating: (2 out of 5 mincades)

Arcade USA Toy Review Dreamgear's My Arcade!

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