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Tantus Beginner Ball Gag – Sex Toy Review

Tantus Beginner Ball Gag – Sex Toy Review

To date I ve reviewed cuffs1, collars2, even nipple clamps3, but until now, I have never reviewed (or even owned!) one of the most basic bondage pieces a gag. Unless you count panties there have been a couple occasions of panties serving as a makeshift gag but that s just not quite the same has owning a proper ball gag. Thankfully, Tantus exists. They heard my plea. And lo unto me they did bestow a Beginner Ball Gag, in a yummy cotton candy pink. Thus bringing balance to the universe and diversifying my collection of kink.

Okay, I think ball might be a little bit of a stretch when describing this particular gag. When I think ball gag, I usually think more of the traditional, simple round ball that you hold between your teeth. The Tantus Beginner Ball Gag is really more like a baby pacifier that slips inside your mouth, allowing you to close your mouth around it. A more traditional style ball gag continues to look ball-like from the non-wearer s point of view, the Tantus Beginner Ball gag just shows the flat back of the gag. So, it may or may not fit your visual aesthetics. Personally, I find the more traditional ball shaped gag more of a turn on, but it can put a lot of pressure on the teeth, which can get uncomfortable with extended wear. So, the Tantus Beginner Ball Gag is definitely far more comfortable in the long run! I appreciate being able to breath and talk (albeit muffled) around the gag. It allows for a little bit more freedom.
Tantus Beginner Ball Gag – Sex Toy Review

Right out of the packaging, I struggled a little bit to put it together. Not really a design flaw on Tantus end, more like a special human problem. I was having one of those days where I simply could not human with a brain. So, if you too struggle to fit the leather straps through the holes and snap them shut well, know that you are not alone. If you were googling how to assemble Tantus Beginner Ball Gag and ended up here, let me do my best to help you out So, on the gag you will find two holes, one on either side of the gag, and a pair of leather straps with snaps on one end and Velcro on the other. So, what you need to do is with the mouth portion of the ball gag facing you, take one of your leather straps (fuzzy side facing in) and push the first snap through one of the holes, coming from the back and pushing it in through the hole towards you. Once you ve got your straps in place, pop it into your (or your partners) mouth, adjust the Velcro, and you are good to go! As you may have realized from the assembly of the gag, the straps are removable, which makes it super easy to sterilize the mouth portion of the gag. Just unsnap, pull off the straps, and plop your gag into some boiling water or the dishwasher, and BAM you have yourself one clean gag.

Tantus Beginner Ball Gag – Sex Toy ReviewBut, I ll be honest, if there is one thing I truly hate about this gag, it is those leather straps. Sure, they are soft, supple, and fit just fine. You don t even feel the metal snaps against your head while wearing the gag, it really is comfortable. But they have what I ll call an unfinished side where the leather is kind of hairy and feels gross to me. It also makes the whole product look less professional overall (in my opinion). The leather also smells overwhelmingly leather which isn t a bad smell, but when its right up against my face for an extended period of time, it started to give me a headache. The leather also sheds little fuzzy black bits all over something I associate with cheap leather. So, if there was one thing I could change about the Tantus Beginner Ball Gag, it would be its straps. There has to be something better that could be done for it. Oh, and the Velcro while I don t hate it, let me just say that hair + Velcro = OUCH! The Velcro however does mean the gag is extremely easy to put on and take off (especially during play!) and also makes it very adjustable. It s not Tantus fault that Velcro hates hair, its the nature of Velcro.

(EDIT: After speaking with Tantus, they raised a very good point about the leather straps. Affordability. The straps are the way they are to keep the price of the gag low. It is a beginners gag as such, it should be both safe and affordable. This is awesome, I still am not a fan of the straps personally, but I love affordability!)

Other than that, the ball gag meets with the high quality I have come to expect from Tantus. The mouth portion is made from 100% silicone with a matte finish. The silicone itself is pretty firm, not a lot of give when you bite into it and has no smell or taste. So, do I recommend the Tantus Beginner Ball Gag? Even with the hated straps, yes, I would recommend it. The silicone half of the gag is great. I think it would be a great gag for ball gag newbies, or those looking for something with a more comfortable fit. As I said earlier, it does have a bit of a baby s pacifier feel to it, so if you are not into age-play, this could potentially be a turn off for you if you start to think too much about the shape. Also, if you have a small mouth or a sensitive gag reflex, this might be uncomfortable for you. I found myself gagging uncontrollably when I first put it on. But, I was able to adjust the straps and find a comfortable position that kept the gagging to a minimum so don t be too discouraged! Ready to purchase a Tantus Beginner Ball Gag4 of your very own? You can buy one directly from Tantus5 for £44.43! Pictures shows the Beginner Ball Gag in pink/black, but red/black and black/black are also available!

Tantus Beginner Ball Gag – Sex Toy Review

The Tantus Beginner Ball Gag was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


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TIA puts Toy of the Year Awards categories up for review

TIA Puts Toy Of The Year Awards Categories Up For Review 28 Feb 2016

Organisers of the North American Toy Fair, The Toy Industry Association, says it will review the Toy of the Year Awards categories as part of the finalisation of its strategic plans for the next four years to 2020. TIA president Steve Pasierb has revealed that the organisation is open to shaking up its Toy of the Year Awards categories, including dropping those based around gender, and examine how the organisation’s awards program can steer clear of “false dichotomies”.

We try to rethink everything we do at the TIA, Pasierb said. We know that with our Toy of the Year Awards, there are categories we need to add and there are categories we need to change.

The question keeps coming up: if you have a boys toy of the year and a girls toy of the year, why don t you have a boys outdoor toy of the year or a girls outdoor toy of the year? Is dividing by boys and girls the best way to do it? Some shows do it by age group. We ve encouraged our TOTY committee to go back and look at this. At the 2016 Toy of the Year Awards, Moose Toys won its second Girls TOTY category with the Shopkins collectable range’s Scoops Ice Cream Truck, with Lego taking home the Boys TOTY with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millenium Falcon.

Obviously, boys are going to gravitate to GI Joe and girls are going to gravitate to Barbie. It s going to happen, Pasierb said. The question is how much do we need to identify that as the narrow niche.

The example I keep giving is Spin Master s fantastic Zoomer Kitty. It was in the girls category. I have two cats at home. I don t consider cats to be girl orientated. They re people orientated. We want to make sure we don t end up with those false dichotomies.

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Sex Toy REVIEW – Ann Summers – Flick Her Clit Stimulator – The …

Sex Toy REVIEW – Ann Summers – Flick Her Clit Stimulator – The ...

So its here my first review. I m a little nervous to the response i m going to get from this but never the less. Recently I purchased the Flick Her Clit Stimulator from Ann Summers for 15.00. When taking a look at the box, I was greeted with what looked like an electric whisk. I wondered where the bloody hell does this go. It boasts variable speeds, a rotating function and a licking sensation. It is powered by 2 xAA batteries and come in a cute little box.

Sex Toy REVIEW – Ann Summers – Flick Her Clit Stimulator – The ...

Now im somebody who enjoys a little bit of oral stimulation now an then, this toy is designed to replicate the feeling of oral stimulation. With a large silicone bladed head and a gorgeous rose gold body, I expected this toy to be close to the real thing. Upon opening the box I placed the batteries in the bottom and switched the toy on.

Sex Toy REVIEW – Ann Summers – Flick Her Clit Stimulator – The ...Sex Toy REVIEW – Ann Summers – Flick Her Clit Stimulator – The ...

Once the toy was switched on the silicone head began to rotate. I noticed that the speed was controlled by how far you twisted the switch which was placed at the bottom of the rose gold shaft. It wasn t a toy that i d say was discreet, it had a buzzing sound definitely not one you would use if you had flat mates or parents. However still feeling hopeful i got comfy and started to use it, at first i was a little confused as i though the rotating blades went directly onto my clitoris, so i tried it. To my discomfort I found that it started to dry me up with the friction of the toy rotating, I also found by using it this way it slowed down the rotation of the silicone blades. However upon further discovery I found I was actually using the toy wrong. The toy to work correctly need to have the the tip of the rotating head placed on your clitoris not the silicone blades. So getting back to using it I found that it work a lot more sufficiently than first tried. However this toy itself i wasn t a massive fan of because the clitoral stimulation felt like i was being teased as it was an on off sensation, where as I like constant stimulation. However overall the toy is built well, and dependant of the type of stimulation you prefer would be good for using with a partner to tease and tighten the mood. I would however recommend using lube as friction reduces the amount of lubricant you personally create. for this reason i am giving this toy a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

If you would like to purchase this toy, please contact me as readers of the blog get 10% off any purchase made at Charli s Ann Summers.

Much love

C xx

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