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Noble M600 Speedster car review: Despite the clip on roof, the model has not lost any of its dynamic skill

It s expensive, but Noble s 225mph roofless wonder proves there s more to supercars than brand cachet. Noble has removed the roof from its M600 to create the Speedster. This costs something like 300,000 (just shy of that as tested), so it has a bit of a point to prove. You do still get a roof, but it s the kind that clips into place. So it s easy to remove if you fancy giving your toupee adhesive a work out though there s nowhere on board to stow it, so doing so might be playing with fire in other ways too.

Having said that, if you can afford a toy like this you can also afford a servant in a van to follow at a discreet distance in case the rain comes down. Though if you decide to plant your right foot, that distance might become very discreet indeed. That s because the twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine produces a mighty 650bhp and 604lb ft. Mid-mounted and mated to a choice of six-speed manual and auto boxes, this makes for an estimated 3.5-second sprint time and top speed of 225mph by which time your toupee is likely to be in a different county. Noble M600 Speedster

Price: 296,400
Engine V8, 4439cc, twin-turbo petrol
Power 650bhp at 6800rpm
Torque 604ft at 3800rpm
Gearbox Six-speed auto
Kerb weight 1198kg
Top speed 225mph (est)
0-62mph 3.5sec (est)
Economy 20.1mpg
CO2/tax band 333 / 37%

It sounds good on paper, and it s even better in real life. The engine makes a magnificent noise and produces equally magnificent performance which is backed up by a level of handling and quality of ride whose exceptional sophistication confounds everything you thought you knew about low-volume car makers. Not even the removal of the M600 s metal roof seems to have detracted from its dynamic skill go looking for scuttle shake and, as we did, you ll draw a blank.

All this is achieved in a car with what now counts as quite an old fashioned chassis. The M600 has a steel tub and tubular spaceframe with carbon fibre panels hung on it but if you think that should put it on the back foot, the briefest of drives will set you straight.

Noble M600 Speedster Car Review: Despite The Clip On Roof, The Model Has Not Lost Any Of Its Dynamic Skill The material and manufacturing skill and quality is top class

So too will the quality of the cabin, should you still be harbouring doubts about the credentials of a company as small as Noble. The standard of manufacturing and material quality really is top-class it has a crafted aura to it which is immensely reassuring. Even then, the mere fact that this car isn t a Ferrari or Aston Martin will be enough to put many people off. Most will be either over-cautious or blinded to Noble s ability as a car maker by the cachet surrounding its most historically illustrious rivals. Be smart, and see past reservations like these, and if you have this much money to spend the M600 Speedster will reward you with something truly out of the ordinary and which, lest we forget, is also sensational to drive.

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Sausage Party review – Seth Rogen’s surprisingly tasty supermarket sweep

Thorough world-building Brenda (Kristen Wiig), Frank (Seth Rogen), Sammy (Ed Norton) and Lavash (David Krumholtz) in Sausage Party.

Talk about fresh. Seth Rogen s naughty food cartoon Sausage Party is, like much of his best work, deceptive packaging. The script he and his usual collaborator Evan Goldberg have written (in conjunction with Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir) seems, at first, to trade solely on anthropomorphised food using profanity on supermarket shelves. This is mildly amusing at first but, like a bun out of its Cellophane, threatens to go stale. That s when a jar of honey mustard gets returned.

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The supermarket is what Erving Goffman might call a total institution. Its occupants (food from around the world) are kept compliant by an unprovable belief system. If they are good and obey the gods, they will one day be chosen and taken to the Great Beyond (outside the gleaming automated doors in a cart.) But they will only get picked if they remain pure of spirit; the unfresh get tossed into a dusty bin by a sadist tormentor (actually just a teen bored with his job.) This fear prevents sausages and buns from getting intimate, despite their urges to conjoin. This is all preposterous, but stick with it; it s just the tip of surprisingly thorough world-building in this quite-clever comedy. Our lead sausage Frank (voiced by Rogen) is upbeat, cheery and randy for his shelfmate Brenda (Kristen Wiig), a bun who returns his affection. All is well at the store, with the happy food singing songs of praise to the gods who will one day scoop them up. (Unlike Toy Story, where humans are never around to catch the living toys, humans just can t see the true reality.) But when that shellshocked honey mustard (Danny McBride) returns with stories of the gods actually being bloodthirsty monsters, things start to change. The first of a number of extraordinary set-pieces comes when our heroes end up selected (yay!), but an overturned cart leads to chaos. A punctured bag of white flour provides a 9/11-esque cloud. There is a shocking amount of proper, terrorising fear during this and subsequent scenes. There has to be for the comedy to work. I d personally be OK allowing children to see the goofy prurience in this film, but it s the horrific imagery (some of which apes Saving Private Ryan) that might freak a kid out.

Sausage Party trailer: Seth Rogan and Kristen Wiig in adult cartoon comedy2 Warning: this video contains strong language

Disrupted, Frank and Brenda must get back to their aisle in the hopes of repackaging themselves without getting tossed. On their march they are joined by a Jewish bagel (Edward Norton doing the most over-the-top Woody Allen impersonation since Rick Moranis) and an Arabic lavash (David Krumholtz) whose belief in the Great Beyond includes being doused in 77 bottles of virgin olive oil. The pair bicker ( You ve even occupied the West Bank of the aisle! ), and as the foursome make tracks, they discover they are being hunted by an angry vaginal douche. The douche, sleazily voiced by Nick Kroll, is a play on steroid-jacked Italian-Americans. (Yes, there s a scene where he gets juiced. ) Racial stereotypes await on every aisle, which will undoubtedly be a third rail for some viewers. My attitude is that if you want to play in that sandbox, you have to be sure to insult everyone and, more importantly, make sure the jokes work. Sausage Party features an adorable potato (with googly eyes all over its body!) happily singing Danny Boy, then, just before a surprise peeling, shouting, Jaysus Fook! I dunno there are some things in this world that are beautiful. There s a lot that s goofy in Sausage Party, like when a doper on bath salts can suddenly see and hear the living food in his house, and a Stephen Hawking-inspired piece of chewed-up bubblegum, but there is (I swear) a richer message, too. This is a pro-reason, pro-knowledge story that is vehemently against the corruption found in organised religion, but not in a paint-the-word- atheist -across-your-chest-like-Ricky Gervais3 kind of way. In fact, if there s any message in the movie, it s that even if you think someone else is being dumb, you aren t going to win them over by rubbing their noses in their stupidity. Something to consider right now as we get closer to an election where one candidate s supporters seem too stupid to tie their own shoes.

And another message: everyone would probably be happier if they were screwing. Sausage Party is a movie with an extended climax, and before the final ending there s an already much discussed food orgy that, no joke, is something you need to see to believe. The whole thing is so tasty, you may just want seconds.


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Suicide Squad review: ‘I’ve seen more bad-ass bad guys in Toy Story’

Suicide Squad was marketed as a real bad-ass movie – a sort of updated version of the 1967 war film The Dirty Dozen where Lee Marvin puts together the toughest and most dangerous group of villains to go on a suicide mission. But rather than assassinating a group of top Nazi officers, the Suicide Squad are put together by government agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis, The Help) to defend the earth from any intergalactic threat, therefore taking the place of a missing Superman. The potential deadly team are let out of their maximum security prison and promised a reduced sentence for agreeing to work for the government.

Waller gives the job of babysitter to America s top soldier, Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman the new Robocop), who keeps the squad in line and has a bodyguard of his own in samurai Katana (Karen Fukuhara). For each squad member we get a backstory: Deadshot (Will Smith), the world s most highly paid assassin who never misses his target; Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who was The Joker s (Jared Leto) psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum until she fell in love with him and went unhinged; Captain Boomerang, (Jai Courtney) an Australian bank robber; Diablo (Jay Hernandez), a repentant human torch with a tattooed face and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), a scaly thing . There is also a witch called The Enchantress who inhabits the body of a certain Dr June Moone (both played by English former model Cara Delevingne). Dr Moone is also the girlfriend of Rick Flag. The Enchantress is controlled by Agent Amanda Waller who keeps the witch s heart in a box.

Somehow the Enchantress is let loose and fires the essence of her brother into an unsuspecting human turning him into an Egyptian looking giant God shooting lava like fire strands into the city. This is the chance to set the Suicide Squad on their first and maybe last mission. Now we get to see the Suicide Squad in action.

But unfortunately it s all very much style over substance. That s to say it looks very good but the action is reduced to some long shoot em up sequences which become tedious. The Joker is crowbarred into the movie and has nothing to do with the Suicide Squad except for the fact that he has a perverse love affair with Harley Quinn. He is not featured nearly enough as the trailers would lead you to believe.

Also Jared Leto had much to live up to, following Jack Nicholson and of course Heath Ledger. Leto s version is more crazy unpredictable sociopath with no proper game plan. Oh, and look out for a couple of super hero cameos. In 3D, only the brilliant opening and closing credit effects came out at me through the screen.

Most characters were expendable, with the exception of Will Smith s Deadshot. Will Smith always plays Will Smith but that s why we love him and he never disappoints.

Suicide Squad Review: 'I've Seen More Bad-ass Bad Guys In Toy Story'

Suicide Squad Review: 'I've Seen More Bad-ass Bad Guys In Toy Story'

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