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Mattel – Scene It? Friends DVD Game – Discounted

Mattel - Scene It? Friends DVD Game

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When we’re not testing gadgets to destruction, we at gadgetshop HQ are partial to a slice of the small screen, and one hit US sitcom in particular. And there’s no better way to test your knowledge of fussball, Central Perk and Ross’s palaeontology fixation to destruction than with the special Friends Edition of this slickly-packaged DVD masterpiece. The Scene It? Friends Edition comes from the same family as the best selling DVD game of all time. The first, ground-breaking version was the ultimate interactive quiz for movie-buffs of all persuasions, and follow-ups (including a Bond special) didn’t disappoint, either. We’re duly pleased to report that the Friends special proudly follows in this tradition. Like its cinematic forebears, the Friends Edition is jammed solid with a host of classic clips from the series, festooned with trivia questions and lavished with brain-teasers from this most-watched of US imports. It’s the sheer comprehensive scale of this must-have DVD game that really, truly impresses. With all ten series and five different modes to draw on, not to mention questions of mind-blowingly microscopic detail, even serious Friends aficionados will be taxed. How well do you think you know the characters? You will surely find out. Oh yes.

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