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B+W 77mm #110 Neutral Density (ND) 3.0 Filter +10 Stops – F-PRO Mount – Limited Offer

B+W 77mm #110 Neutral Density (ND) 3.0 Filter +10 Stops - F-PRO Mount

  • 77mm F-Pro Mount
  • Light reduction by 3 f-stops
  • Precision engineered CNC machined brass mount
  • Single Coated high quality Schott glass:German manufacture
  • Great for moody landscape shots

With ten screen steps light reduction brings of these gray filters compared with the lower steps one more increase. Physically partly generates of the filters a light warm tone.

Experimental taking a photo with very long fastener times.

Pulled through light tracks or going passanten on streets and places are made unrecognizable or even invisible.

This assembly-line effect becomes with moved water becomes even more extreme.

Main range of application is observation and documentation of industrial processes with extreme brightness (furnaces, filaments in halogen and other lamps, combustion processes).

filter factor approx. 1000

TYPE 110 10 Blendstufen

density: 3.0


standard: F-Pro-version

77 mms

Rotolight RL48-B Stealth HD LED Ringlight – Mega Discount

Rotolight RL48-B Stealth HD LED Ringlight

  • 48 colour accurate LEDs
  • Full set of CT, ND and diffusion gels suppled as standard
  • Equivalent to 80w tungsten output
  • Creates warm, shadowless lighting with a pleasing ringlight effect
  • Range of mounting options available

Rotolight RL 48 B LED Videoleuchte

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