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Aboom Home Use Stainless Steel Oil Press with Intelligent Menu Easy Operation to Let You Know How to Press Oil. … – Reviews

Aboom Home Use Stainless Steel Oil Press with Intelligent Menu Easy Operation to Let You Know How to Press Oil. …
Pruduct Details:
Material:ABS+Food Grade Stainless Steel.
Oil Plants:Flax seed,Sunflower Seed,Hemp Seed,Castor,Peanut,Camellia Seed,Rapeseed,Okra Seed,Perilla Seed,Okra Seed,Pumpkin Seed,Sesame,Walnut kernel,Almond,Cashew Nut,Pine Nut,Hazelnut,Teaseed,.
Function:Press Healthy & Nutrition Oil for Family,such as Flax Seed Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and soluble plant fiber, with lower cholesterol.This Oil Can Reduce the Morbidity of Constipation,Obesity,Heart disease morbidity When One Eating Regularly.Camellia seed oil is rich in vitamin A, E, D, K and other antioxidants,Also Is Easily Absorbed by the Skin.
Technical Datas:
Input Voltage:AC 220V/50HZ AC 110V/60HZ
Press Power:200W
Seed Capacity:1300ml /0.5 kg – 2kg (200*150*45mm)
Package Size:18.50in*16.54in*10.24in(LxWxH)
Packing:Color package(1pcs/package) ouside package is neutral import package.
Warranty:1 Year
Product Character:
High Oil Yield:Flax Seed 30%-40%(Oil Rate:40%-45%)/Hemp Seed 30%-35%(Oil Rate:38%-45%)/Camellia Seed 28%-35%(Oil Rate:30%-40%)/Castor 40%-45%(Oil Rate:50%-55%)
Intelligence: Adopting molecule temperature control technology from Germany. Pressing in constant temperature. Remaining the oil nutrient furthest.
Ultra low sound: Special motor for oil press, < 60db, ultralow noise.
Special tips: soybean can be squeezed out of the oil, but the rate is relatively low, cost is high, the market of soybean oil is extracted by chemical immersion method, domestic press more waste material, so do not recommend the use of soybean crush. 
The product usually takes 7–15 business days to arrive to your hand after your order is confirmed.

  • Cold pressing technology,without Frying Raw Material,Control the Heating Temperature between 75-90 Degrees and the Oil Temperature between 40-45 Degrees.
  • Intelligent Control:Preheat – Press – Out of Seeds Reminder – Reverse – Stop, the Whole Process without Human Intervention
  • Make healthy & Nutrition Oil for More Than 18 Kinds of Oil Plants,Such as Flax seed/Camellia Seed/Hemp Seed/Sunflower Seed etc
  • High Oil Yield with Electronic Heating Constant Temperature Control Technology,Depending on the Different Oil Plants to Set Different Temperature and Speed
  • Food grade Stainless Steel and Food Grade PC Oil Cup,Safety and Cleaned

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Citrus and Lemon Squeezer, 100% Stainless Steel, Convenient Design for Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juicer Juicer Professional Lime Juicer Extractor, Makes Juicing Fun – Hommini – Cut Rate

Citrus and Lemon Squeezer, 100% Stainless Steel, Convenient Design for Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juicer Juicer Professional Lime Juicer Extractor, Makes Juicing Fun - Hommini
Lemon Squeezer, Manual Citrus Juicer with Heavy Duty Design, Anti-corrosive Dishwasher Safe – Hommini

If you regularly use freshly squeezed citrus juice in cocktails, cooking or baking, then Lemon Juicer is a must-have tool in your kitchen!
Orange juice, lemon juice is good for health, help you purify the body. Why do not you drink it?
It boasts of unmatched robustness that lets you deliver enough pressure to squeeze out the very last drop with only a little effort on your part. The durable designed handles prevents bend in the handle under pressure.

What benefits with this squeezer?

1. Durable construction makes the gadget solid and durable. We ensure that you can use it for a very long time. Comfortably designed handles prevents bend under pressure.
2. Electrical juicer ruins the original flavor of citrus fruits, But with Bystep Manual Citrus Juicer in hand, this won’t be a problem anymore, all original flavor reserved.
3. With unique raised-stripe design on the bottom; just insert the lemon and press the handle, and the seeds will stay out of the juice. Firm lemon fixation and no seeds into juice.
4. It keeps the juice directed in a narrow stream into your bowl or cup; it doesn’t splatter or get your hands sticky at all.
5. Easy to clean, Just put it into dishwater. It won’t rust; Safe, easy and convenient use by all ages.

How to Use :
1. Cut the lemon in to 2 halves;
2. Insert the halved lemon cut-side-down;
3. Press the handles together firmly until it has extracted all the juice.

Dear customer, if you are not 100% satisfied with item for any reason, please contact us first. Because Hommini provides a carefree 12-months warranty and free technical & service support.
More promotion of this product please check Special Offers and Product Promotion on this page.

  • 【The Best Kitchen Tool】- It works perfectly on lemons, limes, and oranges quickly with ease; The squeezer is so convenient to use and with an effortless squeeze you can get every bit of juice. The sturdy built of lemon squeezer allows you to extract lemon or other juice from the fruits without a hassle. Do not waste time and lime juice trying to squeeze them with your bare fingers. Your hands will not be stained with lemon juice by using this tool.
  • 【Stainless Steel Materials】- It will not rust or dull over time. The lemon press handles are designed to sustain pressure without bending or breaking.
  • 【Easy to Use & Clean】- Easily peel or grate your lemons and oranges with little to no effort. In a large bowl, squeeze away lemons, limes, oranges, and more! The unique round zester grater handle comfortably fits in your hand for easy and quick peeling. Fits for both kids and old men, Simply place this high-end lime squeezer in the dishwasher or rinse it with water and a mild detergent after use. Don’t forget to wipe it thoroughly.
  • 【Tips to Get More Juice】- Cut the fruit into halves. Put one of them into the squeezer. Pls note the flesh section should face down while the peel section should face up. If you put it in wrong direction, the juice may spray out and you cannot get all the juice. Pls remember to pick up the seeds, or the juice may get a little bitter.
  • 【Service】- Hommini promise 12 free after-sales service, if you have any question with our product please contact us any time, we have help you ASAP. More information of this product please check Description on this page.

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chop’ N Store – Mincer – Manual Automatic With 4 Containers

chop' N Store – Mincer – Manual Automatic With 4 Containers

  • A few are enough for cutting and chopping onion/vegetable/garlic – more you hit, finer the food are minced.
  • Stainless steel blade, easy to clean
  • To keep your tag for your worktop, you slot one of 4 bowls that are on the container. Airtight, these dishes are ideal for in your fridge.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 8 cm
  • 2 year guarantee

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