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Car Bros Roasts Matt Farah In Its New Challenger SRT Hellcat ‘One Take’ Review: Video

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If you haven’t heard of the YouTube channel “Car Bros”[1], it’s devoted entirely to automotive-themed comedy. The channel mocks car culture and parodies video reviews in an over-the-top tone, but with enough subtle, smart humor to appeal to real gearheads.

Carbros is at it again, its latest video roasting Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire fame with a parody of the channel’s “One Take” series of quick automotive reviews. The car in review is a “Dodge Demon Hellcat Challenger[2]” owned by Steve (a.k.a. “Tony”), which our host seems to have some trouble driving, but before the video gets into that, it all starts – like every recent “One Take” episode – with a product pitch. “Hey guys, I’m super excited to talk to you about our latest product: ‘Car Bros’ brand Prenatal Vitamins for Men,” our host says from behind a computer editing station, wearing a “N?rgurgbring” tee-shirt. “Car Bros is the only brand of prenatal vitamins loaded with the nutrients that a man’s body needs, like boron and seaborgium.” Somehow, the whole thing only goes downhill from there, our host grinding gear changes and burning the clutch with his sub-par manual driving skills, getting in a shouting match with his ex-wife while on the test drive, drinking at the wheel, and in the end, getting arrested.

We defy Matt Farah to be so entertaining. (But not really; drinking and driving is very, very bad.)

Be sure to watch Car Bros‘ “One Take” review of the “Dodge Demon[3] Hellcat Challenger” above.

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— Aaron Brzozowski


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