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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Investigation into dead body on motorbike case in Son La

The Ministry of Health has asked Son La Province Department of Health to review an incident where the body of a woman was carried home by motorbike by relative.

Muon carried his sister’s body home by motorbike
The Agency of Health Examination and Treatment, under the Ministry of Health, asked the provincial Department of Health to review the case, determine the responsibility of Son La Province Anti-Tuberculosis Centre and deliver punishment if there are violations. The report must be submitted by September 23.

On September 12, a photo shows a man carrying a woman body on his motorbike went viral on internet. It was later found out that the man is Lo Van Muon, 46, who went with his 40-year-old sister, Lo Thi P., to Son La Province Anti-Tuberculosis Centre. Muon said that even though his sister was seriously ill, the family had to bring her home because of poverty.

While their father and cousin were completing discharge procedures, Muon and his sister decided to go home first. He called for a taxi-motorbike but after 20-30km, his sister died. They were dropped by the road and without money to call for a taxi, he waited for their father and cousin.

“I asked other people to help me buy a mat to cover her body. When my cousin arrived, I put her on the back of the motorbike and drove her home,” he said. Muon’s sister had a six-year-old daughter and her husband died from HIV/AIDS in 2012.

Luong Van Tuan, director of Son La Province Anti-Tuberculosis Center said Muon’s sister was admitted on August 29 under extremely weak health because of lung disease and HIV/AIDS. When the family asked to bring her home, the hospital tried to unsuccessfully persuade them to let her stay. They asked the family to take all responsibility if anything happened.

Many people criticised the centre, saying that they should give some support to Muon’s sister in such weak health like giving them a free ride. “At that time, she wasn’t in a life-threatening condition and could sit on a motorbike. If she had been in dangerous condition, we wouldn’t have let her go even if the family begged to.

That’s why we didn’t offer car support. Her family also didn’t ask for any support,” Tuan said. Son La Province Anti-Tuberculosis Centre only has one ambulance.

Tuan said their demand was not high so one ambulance was enough.

He went on to say that after receiving the news, the hospital had visited and given the family VND5m (USD227).