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Toy Review: The Tantus Gary O2 – Emmeline Peaches Reviews

Is there any way I can say this that will surprise you? I think by now you could walk into your house at night and find me jumping out of a giant cake releasing a storm of confetti, glitter and doves and you still wouldn t be shocked. Why? Because y all know what I m about to say: Tantus1 have done it again and I adore my Tantus Gary2. This is a dildo I cherish, both for its effectiveness and its quality. There s no brand quite like Tantus3 and I m glad to say they ve wowed me yet again. What a shocker.

The Tantus Gary O2

The Tantus Gary4 is part of the Tantus O2 Dual Density Line5 and follows on Tantus 6 recent trend of making ultra-realistic dildos. This dildo not only feels more natural during use but it also has an uncanny amount of detail and I could trace it veins and finer details with my fingertips like I could on a person s bare skin. Of course Gary s7 high level of detail comes with a price namely that it s recommend you boil this toy for the best clean but it s a small trade-off when faced with all of the benefits that the Gary8 provides.

Toy Review: The Tantus Gary O2 – Emmeline Peaches ReviewsThe Tantus Gary is a beautifully detailed and effective dildo.

The Tantus Gary O29, like all Tantus10 toys, is made out of Ultra-Premium silicone. This makes is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe. However, unlike all Tantus11 toys (and unlike most toys on the market) the Tantus Gary12 is dual density. This means that it has a firm inner core of silicone and a softer, plusher layer on the surface.

Gary s13 dual density effect helps make it feel like a gentler dildo and creates that real feel effect that Tantus14 were striving for. Of course in reality a dildo can never quite feel like a person but the Tantus Gary15 has enough give to it to provide a more intuitive experience. It doesn t quite feel like a real penis but neither does it feel like a dildo. It s an equilibrium of sensations and one that I quite enjoy. The silicone itself has a matte surface and the increased level of detail means an increased amount of texture and drag. Rest assured, though, that this is the good kind of drag; the kind that hugs against my insides and leaves me biting my lip as I ache for each incoming thrust. Here s hoping it has the same results for you too.

Gary s16 coronal ridge is quite subtle, which is usually a downside for me, but it is immediately followed by a nice wrinkling of skin which provides a huge cluster of very noticeable (but soft) texture. Combined with the drag of the silicone this texture becomes perfect foe G-Spot stimulation and creates a very notable sensation. It really is like a persistent craving with an immediate reward, I can t get enough of it and I believe it plays a large part in what makes the Gary17 so exceptional.

Toy Review: The Tantus Gary O2 – Emmeline Peaches ReviewsThe wrinkled texture on the Gary s shaft is a large part of what makes it great.

Girth is probably a contributing factor in the Gary s18 might too. The Tantus Gary19 has an insertable length of 7 inches and a maximum circumference of 5.1 inches. While this may not seem like much it combines perfectly with the squishy drag of the Gary20 in order to provide a filling but not stretching sensation which should be accessible to most. The Tantus Gary21 also has a slight curve, which helps aid in stimulation. It also has a flared base, making it harness compatible and anal friendly. For harnessed use it s worth noting that the Tantus Gary22 has a softer outer layers of silicone and more bend than something like the Tantus Pack n Play No. 223 so people looking for a rigid toy for harnessed use might want to look at other Tantus24 products. However for simulated fellatio the softness of the Tantus Gary25 actually works to its advantage, providing a very enjoyable toy to suck on (albeit its girthy head felt a bit too chunky for my tastes). My experiences with the Tantus Gary26 were consistently exceptional and I can t sing its praises enough. If not warmed up enough this toy can feel a bit too big upon insertion but other than that it s pretty much a 10/10. The way it stimulated my upper wall, how receptive it was to muscle contractions, the subtle bonus of the silicone warming to body temperature during use. All of this and more made it so that my orgasms with the Gary27 were phenomenal. My climaxes with this toy weren t just powerful, though, they were body-quiveringly good, and the ripples near the head made it so that my orgasms were always prolonged and incredibly satisfying.

Toy Review: The Tantus Gary O2 – Emmeline Peaches ReviewsThis dildo may not suit everyone, especially considering the texture causes cleaning issues.

Now at this point there is very little that would stop me from recommending the Gary28 to you. However I do feel like personal preference comes in to play and not everyone will find the Gary29 to be to their tastes. If you want a firm or glossy toy the Gary30 isn t for you. If you dislike realistic toys then the Gary31 ticks the realism box and then some, so it s worth giving a miss. And if you prefer toys to start of slim and taper outwards into a more girthy form lower down the shaft then the Gary32 is basically does the polar opposite of that. On a more objective note cleaning the Gary33 without boiling it really can be a pain so people who need to be discreet about their dildo may find they re scrubbing it in the sink for a longer duration. This is also exasperated by the fact that the Gary34 is a dust magnet. But, really, I can t hold any of this against the Gary35.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am totally enthused by the Tantus Gary36 and can happily hold it up as another example of Tantus37 craftsmanship at its finest. There is nothing about this toy that I would change and I know that I d miss it if it were lacking from my collection. So if you re looking for a realistic dildo and don t mind a bit of squish and flexibility then the Tantus Gary38 could be the perfect dildo for you, especially if you re craving a bit of texture too.

Recommend to:

People who like realistic dildos. People who like flexible & squishy dildos. People who want a lightly textured dildo.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike realistic dildos. People who want a firm/glossy dildo. People who prefer smooth dildos.

The Tantus Gary39 was provided to me by Tantus40 in exchange for an honest review. If you d like to support Emmeline Peaches Reviews then please consider making any Tantus41 purchases via the affiliate links in this post42.

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Tin Toy | Dr. Grob's Animation Review

Director: John Lasseter
Release Date: August 1988

Tin Toy | Dr. Grob's Animation ReviewAfter Luxo Jr.1 Tin Toy is the most important of the early Pixar shorts.

Not only did it win an Academy Award, being the first computer animated film to do so, it was also the source of inspiration to the first computer animated feature length film, Toy Story (1995). Like Toy Story it explores the idea of toys being alive. The short focuses on a little tin one man band toy, who encounters a monstrous baby, much to its dismay. The baby, indeed, looks terribly ugly. It s an early attempt at the human form, and although it s animated surprisingly well, it s not really a success. Being a giant monster in the eyes of the toy, however, the ugly design does succeed. So, although Tin Toy demonstrates it was maybe a little too early for the human form, its brave attempt showed the way for much more to come. Apart from that, it s a splendid little story, much more elaborate than Pixar s earlier two films, and perfect in its execution. An excellent example is the scene in which the tin toy flees under the couch, only to discover numerous other toys hiding in fear. This scene is a masterstroke, as it perfectly explains how toys get hidden away far under couches and beds, like they somehow do in real life.

In the short time span the tin toy goes from emotions of hopeful anticipation to dismay and fear, turning into surprise, pity and finally proud stubborness. These emotions are completely convincing and prove that computer animation was perfectly able to tell a moving story. Now the company s dream of an animated feature would not be far away anymore.

Watch Tin Toy yourself and tell me what you think:

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